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Quality Telephone Accessories

Wiring Systems Plus has a range of gadgets for you to use in conjunction with your phone systems to ensure that they perform at peak performance. We also install and program any items you need us to. We have a range of paging accessories, call accounting products, and headsets.


Paging, also known as external loudspeakers, are products that interface with your phone systems. We also offer speaker wiring and amplifiers that enhance them.

Man with Headset

Call Accounting

You can have all of your calls tracked with our call accounting software. This equipment records every call that is made or received to allow managers to quality control phone calls. Call accounting products also track how much your phone carrier charges you.


Allow users to work with their hands and still be connected to their callers. Phone headsets are an efficient and effective method. Reach out to our Fullerton, California, business to learn more about what we have to offer.