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Keep Your Business Connected

Staying connected with your customer base, employees, and investors is critical to the overall success of your business. Wiring Systems Plus offers a comprehensive range of telecommunication services that help you effectively communicate with those you need to. We keep you aware and ahead of the competition.

Consultation Services

Setting up your telephone services with a company that values you as a customer is essential to your peace of mind. Our Fullerton, California, business helps you decide which carriers can best fit your current needs and budget. Our well-informed specialists offer helpful advice about the different carriers.

You can change from your current service provider to a new one without hassles also. Our team can assists you with changing your current service provider to a new provider witha a minimum of hassle. Reach out to us to learn more.


Ensure that wiring, accessories, and other products are properly installed in your systems with installation services from our team of knowledgeable technicians. As certified implementation specialists by Avaya for their product IP office, we are able to efficiently set up a variety of your products, software, and product including:

• Category 5e Cabling • Category 6 Cabling • Fiber Optic Cabling


Quite frequently people have problems with their phone services, but cannot pinpoint what or where the problem is. Sometimes it is a wiring issue or a service issue. orit could even be a equipment issue. You can rely on our experts to troubleshoot issues for you while also providing quality-specific solutions. We get to the root of things, find out what is responsible for the problem, and get it successfully resolved. Generally speaking, you also save with our business. It can be more affordable to call us first rather than the your service provider.



It's important to have your phone systems perform certain functions in a specific manner. Our skilled specialists are equipped to program your systems to your desired needs. We can install specialized software that works in conjunction with the phone software you already have. We can also install low voltage data cabling for voice and data services.